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Dare to Shine

DARE TO SHINE  is A Singing Contest for British Columbians of All Ages

Dare to shine winners showcase

Four of our dare to shine winners will hit the studio stage at Evergreen Cultural Center September 23rd 2023. Come see some of our amazingly talented winners!

Hailey Mark

She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you cry, she’ll become your best friend. Intertwined within her pop melodies, are the raw lyrics of a dramatic teen, who has broken free of the societal pressures to suppress uncomfortable emotions. Finally allowing herself to feel, Hailey is hitting people with a wave of enlightenment. Confessions that are usually considered to be embarrassing or taboo, are turned on their head when Hailey Mark confronts them with powerful vocals and a confidence that shifts the energy of the room.

I love to sing because not only is it conveying emotions you might not always be able to articulate, but the connection between me, the audience, and the song is a magic I have never felt anywhere else

Evelyn Norn

I’m Evelyn and I’m 10 years old. I like bunnies, singing, dancing, and acting. One of my first memories is singing ‘Shake it off’ by Taylor Swift in the living room when I was 3 years old. I’ve been singing ever since. I love it more than anything because I can just lose myself in a song. I think it’s so incredible how you can express yourself by singing and I know that I’ll always have music in my life. My favourite part of the week is my singing lessons because I get to learn new things and get better at what I love.

Makayla Leonard

Makayla Leonard is an aspiring Singer/Songwriter from Vancouver B.C. She loves to write songs from the heart and that she hopes people can relate to. Makayla has always loved to sing and write. She hopes one day people will enjoy listening to her music as much as she enjoys performing it.

Zaya Philip

I started singing as soon as I could talk. Once I was old enough my mom put me into musical theatre and I have never quit since. Singing is my passion and my way to feel free


Accepting video auditions now!

Round one

January 7th

Workshop one

January 14th

Semi finals

January 21st

Workshop two

February 4th


February 18th

Take a look at some of the lovely testimonials from some of our participants from the first season of dare to shine! 

And take a look what one of our season one winners (and youngest participant of the season Estella Banez) is up to now!

An event to celebrate, encourage, nurture, and reward talent as much as possible.

Dare to Shine is a new BC based singing contest for all ages! Hone your craft, make new friends, and compete for incredible prizes and opportunities!

You Could Win

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Social Media Mentoring

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Latest News

Dare to Shine Prize List

Dare to Shine Prize List

Here’s a full list of all the amazing prizes available through our singing contest.

2022 Dare to Shine Singing Contest

2022 Dare to Shine Singing Contest

Susie McGregor presents the 2022 Dare to Shine Singing Contest, inviting young artists from the greater Vancouver area to register.

You can register for Dare to Shine Season 3 by filling out the form below completely and clicking submit.